Our beef  is sourced from **** local farms. The beef is aged for at least 14 days (steaks at least 21) to improve the flavour.

To enable us to offer a bespoke service we buy a whole carcasses of Beef, aiming for quality and allowing us to offer the whole range of meat cuts.




A lean cut of beef with a thin layer of fat, ideal for marinating or frying as a steak.


A succulent muscle from the hind-quarters of the cow with a lovely marble effect throughout, a perfect summertime steak.


A French name meaning ‘above the loin’. A lean cut from the hind quarter of the cow, perfect for minute steaks or thick-cut pieces.   A family favourite.


The leanest cut of beef, perfect for those looking to treat themselves!


A lean cut of beef ideal for roasts and pot roasts.

Salmon Cut

Located within the silverside, this cut is hugely popular in-store. A lean cut with a thin layer of fat for a succulent taste.


Located next to the silverside.   This cut is trimmed for undisputed tenderness, ideal for roasts.


The most primal cut of beef, sold on the bone for taste and tradition. This Fred Flintstone favourite is perfect for you die-hard carnivores!


A cut found on the forequarters of the cow, sold for salt beef and pot roasts.  This meat is ideal for slow-cooked Sunday dinners.