Award Winning Pies

We cook our award winning pies every day but please call us to make an order to avoid disappointment.

Steak & Kidney

Gold Award

Another best seller, containing our rich gravy, along with locally sourced kidney


Gold Award

This is our best selling pie, crammed with delicious tender beef, cooked in rich, home made gravy.

Steak, Ale & Mushroom

Gold Award

Steak & Ale

Gold Award

These differ from the plain steak pie, as the meat is marinated in Ale overnight

Steak & Red Wine

Gold Award & Champion

Our award winning steak pie, packed with red wine marinated steak.

Steak & Guinness

Gold Award

These differ from the plain steak pie, as the meat is marinated in Guinness overnight

Steak & Stilton

Gold Award

This pie follows the same recipe at the steak, including added white and blue Stilton.

Mince & Onion

Gold Award

A family favourite! A simple yet rich flavour, packed with our lean minced beef.

Meat & Potato

Gold Award

Lamb & Mint

Gold Award

A Fenton’s favourite! Tender pieces of fresh lamb, soaked in a home made fresh gravy.


Gold Award

Bite sized pieces of succulent chicken breast, cooked until tender, then soaked in gravy and seasoning, giving a rich, but light taste.

Chicken & Mushroom

Gold Award

Our same rich chicken pie, but with added fresh, locally sourced mushrooms

Chicken, Bacon & Leek

Gold Award

Our own chicken, award winning bacon, and fresh leeks cooked in seasoning, with the addition of cheese to make for a creamy pie.

Turkey & Ham


Wild rabbits cooked until the meat falls from the bone, before being slowly cooked in our home-made gravy

Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberry

Sold on at Christmas.