Pork Pies

Plain Pork

A popular multi-award winning pork pie.  Well seasoned pork pie meat encased with freshly made glazed pastry and filled with tangy jelly.  This pie is a huge favourite with all of the locals.

Pork, Apple & Stuffing

Using the same pastry, pork and jelly as the plain pork pie, we replaced the lid of this product with a layer of apple and topped with stuffing.  A perfect blend of sweet and savoury.

Pork, Caramilsed Onion & Stilton

Following the same method as with the apple and stuffing pork pie, this time the pastry lid is replaced with locally sourced caramelised red onions and topped with a mixture of both blue and white stilton. This is one of our most popular cooked meat products.

Cheese & Branston Pickle

This pie is in particularly high demand during the festive period. A plain pork pie stuffed with mature cheddar and Branston pickle.  A simple but tasty recipe.

Chicken & Stuffing

Our award winning plain pork pie, stuffed with a layer of fresh, locally sourced chicken and topped with sage & onion stuffing.

Autumn Fruit Chutney

Pork Pie & Peaches

Another festive favourite filled with peach flavoured jelly and topped with autumn fruit chutney and sliced peaches.

Pork Pie with Chicken, Ham and a Honey Topping

Sweet Chilli Jam

With sweet chilli jam added to the meat, this is probably our spiciest pork pie. ideal for those with a taste for adventure.

Red Onion Marmalade

A plain pork pie with red onion marmalade added to the meat mix. A sweet and tangy twist on our old classic.