Award Winning Sausages

We have won many awards with our sausages and take great pride……..

Due the variety of sausages we produce, we only make a small selection each week.  We post a list on our Facebook page each Friday showing which variety of sausage we will be making for the upcoming week.

Traditional - Thick

A family favourite which has twice competed at the Champion of Champions sausage finals.

A mild, succulent flavour, popular with all of our customers.

Traditional - Thin

Based on the same recipe as our award winning thick plain sausage, these thin sausages are perfect for…

Caramelised Red Onion

A mighty all-rounder of a sausage! Enjoy it in a casserole, bread cake or chargrilled on the barbecue.

A grand flavour with the mild sweetness of caramelised red onions.

A gold award winner across the nation.


Taking inspiration from Spanish chorizo, this sausage has plenty of warmth from the notes of paprika, chilli and spices.

This gold award winning recipe is popular all year round, particularly in the summertime. Why not try adding it in a pasta dish?

Welsh Dragon

A real fiery sausage taking the iconic leeks of Wales combined with dried chillies and a pinch of coriander, bringing about the fierce kick of the welsh dragon.

This is a really enjoyable pork sausage which has won numerous gold awards over the years.

Pork & Mustard

The mustard sausage has a warm flavour, thanks to plenty of wholegrain mustard blended with a little herb.

This is a perfect breakfast sausage.

Pork & Black-Pudding

A sausage based on our own recipe, traditional plain pork with added pieces of our own black-pudding.

For all the non-believers in black pudding, this product will convert you. 

Blessed with many gold awards and a runner-up spot at the 2011 Champion of Champions, this sausage is one of our finest creations.

Cracked Black Pepper & Honey

A sweet sausage with a slight kick. The sweetness of the honey is well complemented by the sharpness of the cracked black pepper.

A great balance of flavour which, over the years has been awarded with many gold awards.


The Cumberland is a slightly peppery sausage with accents of sage and parsley.

Purists say that the Cumberland shouldn’t be sold outside of Cumbria, as Whitehaven is believed to be the UK’s original importer of pepper, which gave the Cumbrians their renowned recipe.


Another popular sausage here at Fenton’s. A moorish pork sausage with a pinch of sage. 

Over the years, this sausage has won numerous gold awards as well as being rated as best in category amongst all other competitions in the region.

Pork & Marmalade

This is one of our sweeter flavoured sausages with a large following.

This product shares the recipe of the traditional plain pork sausage, but we replaced the water with thick cut marmalade.

A gold award winner which even Paddington Bear would give the nod to!


A sausage inspired by the cuisine of Southern Italy. Bursting with ingredients such as tomatoes, fresh garlic, mushrooms, onion, cracked black pepper, oregano, basil and thyme. A real taste of that laid back life.

Pork & Tomato

This one is a bit of a regional speciality here in South Yorkshire. A pork sausage with plenty of juicy tomatoes in the mix, a firm favourite with grown-ups and kids.

Pork & Leek

A Butcher’s Classic, one from the archive!

A nicely seasoned banger with chopped fresh leeks for a great flavour. Another gold award winner.

Cranberry & Rosemary

A rather classy sausage with a bold flavour. The tang of the cranberry complements the rosemary very well. 

This product is very popular around the festive season, and was category champion at the BPEX roadshow.

Pork & Jalapeño

One of the hottest sausages of our variety, this one has gone from strength to strength with our customers.

Taking inspiration from the Mexicans, these hot jalapeño chilli peppers mixed with a little garlic give a fantastic flavour that you won’t want to end! 

This sausage is brilliant when cooked on a barbecue, or eaten with a hot salsa dip.

Plenty of gold awards have been achieved since we recently started producing it.

Pork & Marmite

Love it or hate it, Marmite can split even the closest of friends. But here at Fenton’s we want everyone behind it.

Based on our traditional plain pork sausage recipe, the added Marmite gives an unexpected but pleasant savoury flavour.

Give Marmite a chance!

Chilli & Chocolate

One of our most intriguing flavours. The heat of the chilli is immediately evident and goes hand-in-hand with the melted chocolate chips to bring about a superb blend of heat and sweet.

Can you keep an open mind?

Fennel, White Grape & Chilli

A pork-based sausage with a fresh flavour from the white grape and roasted fennel.

We add a smudge of chilli to give it more depth.

Spicy Toffee Apple

A collaboration of sweet, spicy and savoury. This sausage brings it all to the table; chunks of Apple, a surprisingly sweet spice, and a bold pork base.

It was created for bonfire night a few years ago, and only sold throughout November and December. However, recently we have had large demand for it during the summer barbecue season, due to its all-round flavour.

Legend has it that Guy Fawkes perished protecting the recipe.

Stilton & Chive

Heavily popular with the Fenton’s staff. The creaminess of the blue and white Stilton is complemented by the crispness of the Chive, bringing to it an inviting taste and appearance. 

This is an all-season product, popular with all of our customers.  A new-age classic!

Hickory Smoke

Taking ideas from America’s Deep South, this sausage is kind on your barbecue.

The smokey and slightly spicy flavour keeps your palette excited.

Try glazing them with honey to add some sweetness 

Sweet Chilli

A taste of Thailand for you to try! This sausage has a mild head and a great succulence, ideal for a British summer’s evening.

Pork & Wild Mushroom

A classic pork sausage with mixed herbs and hand-picked wild mushrooms. A great winter warmer.

Jamaican Jerk

A plain pork sausage with a spicy twist.