About Us

We are a popular family butcher’s shop, offering top quality meat products, and are this year celebrating our 40th anniversary.
Over the years, we have grown from a small shop to a thriving local business, with a focus on supporting the local community.
Our drive for providing people with top quality meat products has led to our development of some of the best sausages and ready-to-eat meats in the country.
Visit us in shop Monday-Saturday to try for yourself.


A Small History of D.J Fentons from Carl Fenton

D.J Fenton Butchers opened on the 2nd December 1974 by my father, David Fenton.  My Dad had managed the shop for the previous 4 years.  He had worked hard to build the business up and spent many years working on his own.  I started working in the shop when I was still at school, helping out with the cleaning, serving customers and also taking orders to customers using the bike on a Saturday morning.  This bike can still be seen outside the shop to this day.


I started working full time in the shop when I left school in 1986 with my dad teaching me the ropes.  I became a partner in the business and then in 2006, I became the sole owner.

Meet the Fenton Team


I’m always here, always working, always talking, always smiling. Having said that, there would be no Fenton’s without the team that makes everything happen here. Dedicated everyday to making the best sausages & pies, busy boning beef, trimming lamb and preparing pork to the best of their abilities, here is the great team…



Craig came to Fentons a few years after leaving school and has become a good butcher. Craig is involved in all aspects of the business; cutting, boning, sausage, burgers and is always seen in the shop serving. One of our champion sausage makers.

JAMES SELLARS - The 'Saturday Lad'

James is a great lad and is always making sure everything is clean. James tells us he is a great sportsman but he is not sure what sport. He’s told me a tennis player, badminton player, boxer and body-builder!


Dad, retired 7 years ago but is still seen here most days, watching over everyone.

CHERYL FENTON - The Wife & Boss!!

Cheryl is in the kitchen making our champion and gold award meat and pork pies and keep keeps everyone in order.